Thanks to the coolness of someone who shall remain nameless (because of laws… and all that stuff… and stuff…) I have gotten my hands on some DiFranco music. I hope I didn’t… injure the server with my rampant downloading… But it’s fascinating stuff. Little did I know that I had heard a song by her before, from the Jackal soundtrack, a non-acoustic version of “Joyful Girl”. I remember listening to it for quite a while, and being rather mystified by her voice, particularly in combination with the music. That was actually the CD I happened to have in my CD-ROM when I first played Quake (the original), meaning I was walking around killing the baddies (I was on a 56K then, so deathmatching wasn’t an option) to that song. Elephant’s memory that I have, I even remember where on the first level I was when I listened to that song. It seemed incongrous, as even the non-acoustic version is laid-back, and yet it fit. I actually didn’t make it much further than the first level in Quake; first-person shooters and action games (like Diablo) make me go into adrenaline overload and I have to stop after a short amount of time due to getting violent shakes. I guess it’s the stress. But back to DiFranco. She’s got a very distinctive style that holds the attention. Something about her voice reminds me of Alanis Morrisette’s calmer music, particularly the song “32 Flavors”. I was told this was on the radio a little while back, but pop channels have never been the things I tuned in to, you know? Guess that makes me slow.

On a completely irrelevant note, will someone please pry The Fountainhead out of my clutches? I’m seeing conversations between Roark, Dominique, Peter, and Wynand and possible endings in my friggin’ sleep. Scholarship what?