Words of silence

I have had absolutely nothing to say for two weeks straight. To anyone.

I spend my days working out, trying to find a place in Charlotte’s dry unskilled labor force, reading, and watching television. Only the reading and the working out are making me feel any better about myself. You know you need something to do when “Knight Rider” starts to seem like a fascinating show.

In addition, my father has decided to treat me like a grown-up and charge me rent–$50 a week. But he’s still hiding the movie Deliverance from me.

I haven’t been on my computer much, nor have I talked to many (read: any) friends over the past two weeks. Well, I let my buddy Dulin come over to try to sell us some knives, but that’s about it.

And then Michael called. I hadn’t even talked to him on AIM since school let out (that seems like a long time ago already), and I happened to hear my phone ring when I was all the way in the living room. We chatted for a total of about 50 minutes, split into two phone calls.

Now I’m thinking about that stack of books I’m reading and wanting to write reviews for, and I’m wanting to hunt down that Perl website that promised an interesting tutorial, and I’m gazing at my C# book again and adding up how much free time I have, and I’m ready to try out converting my eBooks to Microsoft Reader format (because I’m not going to have the money for a PDA), and I’m thinking about stuff to write about on this site, and, and…

Vacation time is over for me, it seems.

Thank goodness.