Friends and Money and Family

This is going to be random. Consider yourself warned.

I spent Sunday and Monday with my buddies Michael and Chris (and Mia, for a little while), from morning to the wee hours of the night. We introduced Michael to some of the delights of Diablo II, and taught Mia to play Starcraft. Time with the friends was all good. Particularly given Chris’ maniacal laughter. And despite his propensity to pass gas in enclosed areas and laugh about it. Ew.

I have an interview Thursday at a nearby bookstore. It would quite make my summer to work there. But I hate to even get my own hopes up.

I just found out that I’m eligible for another $4000 loan (another unsubsidized Stafford Loan), which is all I have left to come up with for school. Yay!

I always find it fascinating what people are like without their significant others (like when the S.O. goes on a vacation or something). If the relationship is relatively new (say less than five years old), does the person become less polite, less patient, and more normal? Without the significant other to constantly soothe and please and be pleased and fix things that may not be broken, what’s the person like? In older relationships, is the person disparaging of their partner, nitpicking about the things that bother them? Do they seem bored, or lonely (either with their partner, or now that their partner is gone)? That kind of thing fascinates me. Everyone I’ve encountered in relationships seems to have at least two sides, and although none of sides are necessarily bad or reveal bad things about the relationship, they are always enlightening. I shall not give particular examples, of course. But this is another area of people study that I find entertaining.

I woke up today about 12:30 (I got in at two o’clock this morning), and I’m already about to scratch my eyes out from family exposure. It felt great to go out and fucking exercise! Now, while I haven’t exactly needed to force myself to go over this past month, the fact that I felt like I was running away from my family is a mildly depressing, albeit not surprising, thought. Combine that with the fact that I haven’t been this broke in years, and I’m ready for another day of escapism with my buddies.