That’s Some Flat-Out Coolness

I keep a playlist called “Flat-out Coolness” in which I drop tracks I run across while I listen to music that I haven’t yet rated in WIndows Media Player. The song in there currently is called “Spill the Beans” by Fila Brazillia. It’s on a CD called Ultra Chilled Vol. 2 (I also have Vol 1). Each of the Ultra Chilled volumes is a set of two CDs of… well, I don’t know the label for that type of music. Think Moby, Orbital, and Massive Attack. They usually have tracks on the CDs, actually. Anyway, this “Spill the Beans” has a great combination of vocals and calming, yet driving music. It’s great for when you’re working on a script that just doesn’t want to bow down to the Woman, if I do say so.

I worked yesterday from about 09:30 until about 01:00 this morning, moving this site from .NET Playground to Brinkster. Whew. Uploading five files at a time through a web interface is not fun, particularly with two installs of BlogWorks XML to do. All I have to do now is change links between blog entries to reflect the change in location.

My mother wants me to teach her web design and programming. I’m not sure that she has a mind for details like many programmers and web designers do, though. Will she notice the minute differences that will occur in changing the margins or paddings of a box by 5 pixels? Worse yet, I think she may not care, which, of course, doesn’t mean she couldn’t do it, it just means she probably wouldn’t start a career in the field. Either programming or web design. But I shall teach her, because if she can give me the attention for long enough, I think I can explain the concepts to her.

I had given up on getting the site search working again last night around 23:30, and had decided to take a nap to let things churn a little in the back of my brain. (Is that really possible? I was devastated to find out that there’s really no such thing as photographic memory. Not that I thought I had it or anything.) And then, as I was laying in bed listening to “Spill the Beans” as loudly as possible without hurting my ears, I remembered: I can get my friggin’ IB scores online at 10:30 tomorrow (meaning today)! So I vault out of bed and run around (without my glasses, bumping into all the shit in my room) trying to find the bright, painful pink index card my login information is on. I boot up my computer before I even find the card and bring up the site, and finally find the card. It says July 6th. Well, damn. I want to know if I should start planning on purchasing the bus tickets to come back and get my IB diploma in November. And now I’m thinking that, with the funky time changes in the U.S., there are only four hours difference between Eastern Standard Time and Greenwich Mean Time, so I’ll have to wait until 11:30 to get my scores.

I am so wired about my scores. Likewise with my AP scores, which should be coming in the mail any day from Monday onward. I hope those years of hard works, tears, frustrations, learning, and cramming pay off. Good scores and a sheet of thick paper in November is all I ask for. And some college credit, of course. Good English grades will probably land me in a sophomore-level class. All the programming stuff I’d be better off starting at zero with, given that the classes are taught in Java. Maybe I can take an intro class to get the basics of the language down, then test out of other Java instructional courses since it’ll be a matter of learning how to implement my C++ knowledge in Java? I dunno. I’m also really wired about college. I’m checking the mail anxiously everyday for my rooming information so I can get in contact with my roomate and say “howdy”. Actually, that may scare off more normal people, so I’ll just say “hi”.

Michael’s significant other (*grin*) is back in town, and she called me last night to invite me to a get-together that’s tonight. I could have sworn that she had drank coffee all afternoon before calling me; she talked non-stop for quite a while about her Girl Scout camp fun (very entertaining stories). And now it’s bled over on me. Okay, I’m going to find something else to program now.