To Whom It May Concern

To Whom it May Concern:

Sir or Madame International Baccalaureate Organization employee, my account at your Test Results site has been blocked. I am truly sorry that I was impatient and attempted to obtain my scores early in a persistant manner. I understand the error of my ways.

However, two whole hours have passed since my last attempt to log in with my pin that you will not accept as valid; is it not in everyone’s best interests to let bygones be bygones and let me get my scores? My IB Coordinator is vacationing this week and I will not be able to get my scores from her. Likewise, I know I cannot contact you directly about my scores, but surely you can see the fallacy of making me wait another week to find out if I got the diploma.

Unlock the fucking account!

Yours (because you stole my soul two years ago),
Melissa A–

*racking sobs of frustration* Aaauugghh!