Sexy, sexxxy!

I went to see me some sexy pirates tonight. That is, of course, a reference to the movie Pirates of the Caribbean (I never know which movie site is best to link to, so I shall link to none). Those are some damn sexy pirates. Oh, and the lady was pretty, too, so the hetero guys and lesbians and… folks who dig chicks won’t be too bored with all that fighting.

For some reason, I think Johnny Depp is such an amazing actor. He’s one of those that can play (and has) in such a variety of roles very damned well. He played the goofy pirate in Pirates of the Caribbean (wait, are movie titles italicized?), and although I couldn’t tell if he was a lush or just… odd, he did the part well. He also played the studious guy (although also funny) in that movie about Hell and a book, the drug addict guy in Blow, etc., etc. All I can say is that he will probably never get into one of those ruts that other actors seem to. Actually, “rut” is probably a harsh word; I mean the actors like Clint Eastwood or maybe even John Cusack (and upcoming ones like Jason Biggs and that Prince, Jr. guy) who get stuck playing pretty much the same role in every movie. They have “successful” careers (i.e. they make a lot of money), but they’re the ones who, if you ever saw them in a movie that wasn’t their typical type, you’d have a hard time seeing them as fitting for the role. You can kinda expect Depp to just pop up.

But those were some sexy pirates.

Of course, I am just talking about Depp and Bloom here. The guys with the rusticated (of course that’s a word) teeth were entertaining, but not sexy. I have to state for the record that the whole dead/alive, lack of hygine thing just was not working for me, given that I’m a two-showers-a-day chick. But the fact that Depp could pull off even wearing gold teeth (sorry, I can’t do that whole gansta thing) says a lot for him. What it says other than the fact that he’s sexy (and for clarification for a buddy who I’m sure will ask, yes, he is indeed a sexy beast), I don’t know, but I’m sure it’s something deep. But who needs depth, right?

Are my puns completely dead tonight? Well, it is late.

On a completely irrelevant note, it seems these past few days are my days to be joshed. Hee hee. What an odd word, “joshed”. Yes, Raven was just having a joke at my expense, and so was Karsh. Silly me to miss the humor. Of course, everyone’s always friggin’ kidding, aren’t they? AREN’T THEY? Why, all these years that taught me to take folks’ comments seriously and try to learn from my mistakes and all that jazz (la la la la… *Ahem*. Sorry.), and I could have saved myself mucho time and worry by taking it all as a joke. Hee hee. Nah. Ooh, ooh! Can I pick who’s turn it is next to be bothered?

“Relax, relate, release.” (Uh-oh, should I have e-mailed to ask if I could pull that quote? *nail-biting*) I like that. It’s a pretty annoying saying, actually, when someone’s telling it to you and that’s what you’re trying to do. But it’s a good saying and philosophy nonetheless.

I feel sad that, with all this fighting over my reparations post (actually, it was just everyone laughing at my reparations post in various places), no one is actually arguing about the issue (other than the e-mail comments I received). So does it all boil down to whether “free money is automatically good” versus not? It seems like it doesn’t matter to anyone (yes, that elusive “everyone”) whether reparations actually solves any problems.

I’m tired. Find someone else to laugh at tonight, or at least do it behind my back. Bonsoir.