Sometimes I wish that someone could forcibly ban me from using all communications devices after, say, midnight. Almost an entire post dedicated to the sexiness of certain pirates, complete with bad, sick jokes? Ugh.

It’s kinda funny in a “Dear god, I wrote that?!” type of way, so it stays.

Who needs alcohol/drugs to fuck them up? Just learn to get a bad case of the giggles when you’re tired, and you’re a walking entertainment center. And it’s much worse in person than in writing, I assure you.

I found myself watching the History Channel today (which is not an odd phenomenon in and of itself), and in particular a two-hour show on the history of Nazis in America. It was odd. I kept noticing little things, like how the narrator showed clear bias when talking about the history (against the Nazis), and how they kept throwing up bleach-blonde bimbos and rednecks as examples of modern neo-Nazis. But they actually had some of the former leaders commenting and telling some of the story (pulled straight from jail, I believe). I thought that was particularly interesting; it didn’t even hit me that when they said so-and-so (I don’t remember his name) was the author of the Turner Diaries in the little box under his face that it was really that guy, until they got around to the more modern stuff. Then all his racist commentary took on a different light. I mean, this guy was one of the major leaders of the neo-Nazis (unless I’m mixing up the guys), and his book inspired Timothy McVeigh to do the Oklahoma City Bombing (I was so young when that happened that even now I know very little about it).

But how should one feel, listening to the history of a group of people that targets, along with other groups, of course, your race for destruction? To think that skin tone changes anything… We’re all guilty of that, to some extent (or race wouldn’t even be an issue, or even exist in our society anymore), but I, for one, have never had thoughts about exterminating an entire race. I simply can’t wrap my mind around the idea that some folks have so much hate, so much self-rightousness in their cause, that anyone who opposes or slightly deviates from their ideal should be slaughtered like diseased cattle. I guess that means I’m healthy. Or at least something close to it. Of course, it’s probably quite similar with any fanatic, extremist group, but the Aryan Nation is so right here, in America. Any bald-headed, angry looking man or aggressive bleach-blonde chick could be a member, you know? I jest, of course, but only slightly.

They’re as much a part of American history as the black militant groups, the Great Awakenings, the witch hunts, etc. and their history is just as tumultuous as one would expect. But it’s an interesting history nonetheless.