I Actually Had to Ask What a Grail Is

Am I completely sick for having laid on the floor giggling and in tears the first time I saw Don’t Be A Menace… but not the first time I saw Monty Python (the Holy Grail one)? I mean, I know the acting was bad in Menace… Hell, it was the Wayans siblings, but… that movie just killed me, because I had seen many of those movies they spoofed (Boys in the Hood, etc.) and it was just funny as hell. I watched that movie entirely too many times before I stopped laughing at it. But, while Monty Python was quite funny, I felt no urge to laugh uncontrollably. Oh, well.

This afternoon, after a morning of hell in which it took me three hours to get the energy to get out of bed, I attended a surprise party to congratulate Michael on getting the International Baccalaureate diploma and generally being successful. Up until that point, I had (unfortunately) chewed the heads off of everyone in my family, particularly mother-dear and the Rat (the old man was already grumpy, so we tried not to even share air), as the entire time I was trying to price and create my Purchasing and Packing List for school (which was based on a four-page list from Jenny), the Rat was running around like a wild monkey (in a busy-ass Saturday morning Wal-mart) and mother-dear was letting her annoy people and knock shit off shelves and out of the basket. And I was still sore, godammit! But anyway, I was really, really, bitchy (which was aided by my shopping list coming to over $500) and quite worried that that wouldn’t just go away once I got away from the family.

But it did. I went swimming (fully clothed) for the first time in about eight years, and my achy muscles feel better. Michael’s mother was creative enough to make a cake that resembled a computer, complete with Qwerty keyboard and a vertical “monitor” with “typing” on it. It was great. We also watched the Monty Python movie; I think having to sort of mentally “translate” the accents kinda killed some of the jokes for me, although the French guy (“I blow my nose in your general direction. Pftouie.”–Or something like that…) wins for some of the funniest scenes in the movie. Then again, I am quite the sucker for French accents (they’re the only way in hell I’ll stop on the Food Channel, for instance). It was great to hang out with the friends in a less crowded setting with no “squeaky people” (that one is kinda hard to explain; many of our female acquaintances are just squeaky–they talk, laugh, and breath in a squeaky manner, and it’s damned annoying, despite the fact that I’ve become pretty squeaky myself) and it was great that one particular buddy (who had been very uncool and snippish the past couple of times I was around him) was being very nice this evening.

I’m going to miss them all. But I shan’t cry. Absolutely not.

Well, maybe after I move them into their dorms.

[Listening to: The Cranberries – No Need to Argue – Daffodil Lament]