She’s Choppin’, She’s Choppin’…

Actually, I went shopping, but choppin’s okay, too. Anyone unlucky enough to still be running a file sharing service should go download Dana Carvey’s “Choppin’ Broccoli” skit. Very funny. Not that I’m running a file sharing service anymore. Nope. Not on your life.

Anyway, today I shopped. And shopped. I’m not a recreational shopper; I go into a mall or store knowing precisely what I need or want, and I get it and leave. None of that “window shopping” shit, or simply browsing through stores. Today I took my 95 item list (minus stuff I could pilfer from around the house) and spent money. On Michael’s suggestion, I went to Family Dollar first. That $500 list? I got a huge amount of that for about $50. I’m so proud of my thrift shopping. The entire list (minus a few minor things I haven’t bought yet, like an ace bandage) came to about $250. I’ll still have to wait until Christmas to get my wisdom teeth yanked, but I shan’t be quite counting pennies in school.

Also in the news: I’m packed. Minus clothing and minor office supplies (and books, and computer stuff), I’m set. I could be ready to leave tomorrow. Go me!

I’m sure this is getting redundant, but I’m getting very excited about school. Eleven days until the Road Trip of Hell begins (the entire family is going to Terre Haute… in a single vehicle).

[Listening to: Disturbed – The Sickness – Violence Fetish]