The Last Day

This is my last day in Charlotte, North Carolina. W00t, w00t! *Does Violent, Thrashing Happy Dance, which is sadly similar to both Elaine’s horrid dancing in Seinfield and the dancing of that diner/restaurant owner from Pootie Tang*.

Okay, I’ll stop.

Anyway… my father has spent this past night and all of today in the hospital, and my mother doesn’t know for sure that we’ll even be able to take the trip by car tomorrow. So I may be scrabbling to get a bus ticket or plane ticket (and a ride from the station or airport to school). What that means for my luggage I have no idea, but it can’t be good.

My father went in last night complaining of chest and stomach pains. I so almost made a crack about laying off the booze and cheesecake on an empty stomach, but I didn’t think it would go over particularly well. So I just babysat the Rat, who, in true four-year-old copycatting form, complained of a hurt stomach and a need to go to the doctor, just like dad. They’ve been running tests on him since he checked in. Nothing seems to be wrong with his heart, so they’re checking stuff in his gut.

Sitting in limbo’s a bitch, I tell ya.

[Listening to: Mono – Formica Blues – Penguin Freud]