Whew. Sort of.

The good news: We will be leaving (by car) for Terre Haute late tomorrow morning. Hopefully. Yay! I’m going to college! *resumes Violent, Thrashing, Happy Dance*

The bad news: My father is going to have to have his gallbladder removed (I believe). He goes under the laser Tuesday, and apparently this type of thing is day surgery. Worse news is that they will have to run more tests on his liver at the same time (they fear there may be problems there too), and until the surgery, the Old Man is off his diabetic meds, so Mother-dear will undoubtedly show her codependent nature and force-feed him healthy food for the trip. That’s bound to be interesting. Note the sarcasm. Grown folks who won’t care for themselves only annoy me.

But we’re going on a trip! (*still doing Happy Dance, despite fearful looks from my mother and Ali moving to get out of swinging range*) Our rental car (an Intrepid) is gargantuan, and I’m going to fill every nook and crany available with my shit, despite the fact that I vowed to travel light. Unfortunately, I am traveling light. I think I’m up to three trips, given that it’ll just be the Old Man and me carrying stuff.

Unfortunately, I won’t have a computer until Monday, and Rose doesn’t have computer labs, since all students have laptops. Grr. How in the world can the faculty of a school full of nerds and geeks make us all wait until Monday to distribute laptops?! And it’s not even first thing in the morning, which would be like a wonderful, early Christmas. As my friend Micah would say, *le sigh*. So, unless I get friendly with a returning student or two, this is it until Monday.

I’m going to college!!!

[Listening to: Kelis – Kaleidoscope – Mafia]