Rose Thorns, NSBE, and Free Food

Last night I went to a journalism seminar given by the staff of the Rose Thorn, our school’s weekly newspaper. While I’m not planning (particularly) on writing any articles for the paper, I have decided to become an editor, and that means I should understand what the news and opinion writers are supposed to include in their articles. I may also try to write the occasional opinion piece, simply because I have too many opinions and I enjoy sharing. Obviously. The advisor of the newspaper is my Rhetoric teacher, which means things will stay very interesting.

I also went to a meeting of the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) last night. The president, a guy named Michael, had been cajoling me to join up, despite the fact that I’m not an “engineer”. Apparently, NSBE applies to anyone in technical fields, including Comp Sci. Anyway, the meeting was interesting, and I got to meet The Other One. The Other One is the only other female, minority Comp Sci major in the school, and is a senior. I think we may also be the only black CS majors in the school, but I’m not sure. There is also one other female CS major, another freshman, methinks. I think I have my numbers straight on that account now. The Other One is very cool, and offered suggestions of what professors were cool and why and what classes were great and all that. The entire atmostphere of the meeting was relaxed and comfortable, but I think things will get done in the group, which is good. One thing that disturbs me a bit is that the president reminds me a bit of my ex. He’s not my ex for no reason, you know, although we’re on friendly terms.

In other cool news, my Uncle Freddie and his wife Jo are going to come pay me a visit. They live in Indianapolis, so they are going to come take me out to lunch. And, because Freddie’s cool, this will probably mean free food, and possibly some shopping. I’m actually considering printing off my Amazon wishlist (all fifty-some-odd items) to take as a sort of shopping list. Getting out my dorm for a while for something other than class, meals, and exercise would probably be a good, healthy idea. Plus, I get to see Uncle Freddie, who’s some kind of martial arts expert (which was very cool to me as a kid, when I was doing martial arts), and Jo, who has cool connections to the military and could probably help me get a summer internship with the Army.

Now, however, I must go observe a chemistry lab (that same chemistry class I was kicked out of, by the way) in order to write an anthropological paper on humans in lab situations for my Rhetoric class. Very fun, I hope.