Zug, Zug

It’s my very first night at work, and I just took my very first call. Go me. Without a geometry book, without the figure being used, I managed to help someone figure out some angles. I’m a happy girl. It’d be cool with me if that was the only call I took, as I’ve been sitting here for two hours, and my nose is extremely stuffed and my head hurts, and I’m tearing through someone’s Kleenex (I didn’t think it would be cool for me to bring my roll of paper towel, which is all I have), but the homework (mine) is getting done, and the panic about using telephones is starting to abate a bit. I doubt it ever will fade completely. Am I the only one that suffers near panic attacks when phones ring? Yeah? I thought so. Perhaps this is a form of social phobia (thanks to Karsh for the link)? I think so-o-o. (Why am I thinking about Cereal Killer from Hackers right now?)

Anyway, I have idle hands right now, and although the physics mos def needs to get done by tomorrow, I thought I’d post a pointless post lamenting my sickness while I eagerly await the latest news from my broken friend. Or a phone call. Which is not so eagerly awaited. By any means. I like helping the kiddos, but I don’t like using the phone. Hook me up with some e-mail, and I’ll help some folks out happily. However, only supervisors are allowed to answer the e-mail questions, which leaves me out of the loop. Grr.

Back to the physics homework. And awaiting calls. Neither task is done with enthusiasm.