An E-mail to Mommy


I did a horrible thing today. When I went out to buy my shirt for the business casual dinner on Monday (a nice pale blue one to go with my black pants, by the way), an F.Y.E. found me. I swear, it just walked up to me and said, “Yo, Liss. Remember that list of CDs you’ve been wanting? I got ’em.” So I went in. And bought a CD. Or two. I stopped myself at two, because the other two I wanted weren’t on sale, and we know how friggin’ expensive F.Y.E. is. So I have Seal’s latest and A Perfect Circle’s latest. And I’m lovin’ A Perfect Circle’s right now. Oh, yeah. 311’s was $20, and I didn’t see Limp Bizkit’s.

But I’m only out the cost of the CDs, because of my gift card for Sears. Grassy-ass to Aunt Lisa.

How are things there? Everyone healthy and all that?

I’m skipping the Singing Hoosiers (oh, no…) tonight and cooling it until the Negroid Party at 21:00. I’m not keen on the exclusivity of that, but it may be fun… Did I tell you about that? Essentially, Danielle (The Other One) randomly decided to throw a little get-together at her house. So I was like, cool. Something to do on a Saturday night. I asked her how she had such extensive knowledge of all the freshman when she was talking about people to invite, and she informed me she only knew the black folks. That’s kinda a small number, you know? I think there are about 13 in the class of ’07 (my class). Then, all the members of NSBE were invited via e-mail, and it became the Negroid Party (not officially, of course; I don’t know anyone else that says “Negroid”). Minus the fact that there’s one white guy in NSBE that may be in attendance. Anyway, it’ll be fun, and I’m supposed to be networking and all that, right? Lots of these guys are seniors and juniors and very nice…

I went to the football game today. We lost 29-10, but it was a fun game. Up until there were 5 minutes left, I was certain we could make the 3 touchdowns (and field kick things) necessary to win. And there were two fights. On the field. I guess we aren’t called the “Fighting Engineers” for nothing, although the bums on the other side started both fights, methinks. Our band is so funny. They have more ooph and enthusiasm than the cheerleaders, and say little cheers like, “Pi! 3.14159! Square root of two! 1.414213! [insert lots more dorky things like sines and cosines]… Go Red, Go White, Go Rose, Fight!” Very cool and funny.

Anywho, wish me luck at the shindig, and I’ll be sure to tell you how it goes.

Lissa Avery
BSB #307

Why does she bother to still read my nearly-daily e-mails?