A quick note before Calculus: I worked really, really hard on this essay for Richard Powers’ Galatea 2.2 that I just got back from my prof today, right? (I’ll be posting the submitted draft soon.) What’s cool, however, is that my prof suggested that I submit this essay for the Humanities and Social Sciences Essay Contest later this year. My response: (!!!). (This means lots of squeaky happiness and jumping around and waving the essay around.) I’m so on a cloud right now. All the drama of my roommate and her friends, all the difficulty of working with Hitler incarnate on a Logic Design project, and all my worries over grades take a brief backseat to my happiness. This is my last week of classes before finals, and I’m floating. With a little bit of work on my exams, I will even be able to pull a 3.75 or 4.00 GPA this term.

[Listening to “The Sweetest Taboo” [Sade / The Best of Sade]]