Oh, Yeah!

Some completely crazy nut sent me the complete set (Seasons 1, 2, and 3) of the Fox show Family Guy. I say “completely crazy nut” because he knows I’ll just take a weekend and watch the whole damn thing, and resume walking around “Oh, yeah“ing everyone to death. Tsk, tsk, Miguel.

In other news, I’m feeling sympathy and compassion for a fellow blogger with big toe issues. I want to sign up for anti-clumsiness classes, too. I sure as shit need ’em. My big toe has a huge lump just below the middle “knuckle”, and any attempts to bend it (without using my hand) causes excruciating pain all the way up my foot. I still don’t know what the lump is–could something be wrong with the little muscle that stretches between the joints?

And, a final note before I head off to lunch and my very first ever Chemistry lab at Rose, I’m having a bit of trouble with my e-mail, so mail sent to the e-mail address in the links at the end of my posts will probably not make it to its ultimate destination until I get that address unblocked. See, whathappenedwuz, um, I was working on this e-mail script yesterday instead of doing homework, and, um, I ended up sending about 350 e-mails to myself in short succession, and Fastmail said, “Ha, who do you think you are, a paying customer?” and locked my shit up. Thank goodness for my second account (which is paid for, actually) and the ability to migrate e-mails across IMAP accounts, so I am now consolidated into a single, larger account without the annoyances of free accounts. None of which is relevant to what folks care about if they should so desire to send me mail. However, that irrsinn.net e-mail address is still blocked from receiving mail on a Fastmail server. I am currently undergoing negotiations with the folk in charge, because that will get old hella quick.

[Listening to “Everlasting” [Remy Shand / The Way I Feel]]