We have our first snow here in Terre Haute, Indiana. Fucking-A. And it’s been snowing all morning. This is why I need a cam’ra (anyone else stuck in a loop of quoting Scary Movie due to its extremely detrimental effect on their lives? No? Okay, then…). I could be posting pictures and stuff. I don’t know what the “stuff” part of that would be, but I would definitely be chewing up some Rose-Hulman bandwidth with pictures.

Oh, and ahem. I can’t even form a strong opinion about the book other than a bland “how interesting”. Now I get to start Letters from an American Farmer by Crèvecoeur, finish Dune, and start Life of Pi by Yann Martel for the book club.

And it’s snowing!

[Listening to “The Way I Feel” [Remy Shand / The Way I Feel]]


  • Hannah

    That’s so funny. It started snowing on Friday here, too. Also our first snow. But the thing is (read: the SCARY thing is) that it still hasn’t stopped since then, and isn’t supposed to until Sunday night. We have over a foot, it seems to me. Agh!!

  • Lissa

    Wow. That’s so cool (and yes, scary, too). Ours stopped just as I was posting the entry, actually. An entire morning of snow made my week, though. [:D]

  • Hannah

    It still hasn’t stopped snowing here. When I stick my snow-booted foot into undisturbed, non-drift snow, it goes in to my knee. Eek! [:o]

  • Lissa

    I’m going to be glad to get back to NC for the warm weather. Right now, it’s just sort of… bland, dreary, and cold. We wish it would just *do* something, like snow, or fucking get warm. [:|]