What I have learned today, a Kindergarten-esque entry

This is a good thing to know. I consider myself duly corrected on my previously ambivalent position on the issue. Note the utter lack of any hint (other than the link title, of course, as that would defeat the purpose of aiming for accessibility) on what the linked site mentions or talks about? That’s my way of tempting you to click said link and read it, rather than just continuing to read the shit I’m spouting.

The idea of sociolinguistics fascinates me. I think it may be time to electronically raid Indiana State University’s library again. Bru-ha-ha.

I also learned today (well, yesterday) that I can’t fucking stand Walt Whitman. One of the guys in my Major American Writers class said something to the effect of, “I’ve heard it’s pointless to teach 20-year-olds Walt Whitman, because you can’t have an understanding of his poems until you’re in your thirties.” Perhaps. But I still don’t like The Scarlet Letter, and my teacher said the same shit to me when I was ten. Give me Hughes, Dickinson, Browning, Poe, Keats, hell, even Frost (that man is so overdone, though), but not Whitman. And tonight I get to read a forty-page poem by Whitman, all about… Walt Whitman! Imagine my joy.

I’ve also learned that I have nothing to say about Saddam’s capture other than to ask a bunch of questions that those dismissed as Fucking Hippy Liberals are asking. Hannah sums up many of them quite well. (Not that Hannah is particularly liberal, but she is fairly confused moderate, like me.) I would also ask what kind of clusterfuckery this “trial” is going to be, but I know I should just sit on my hands and pop up a big-ass bag of popcorn and await the event. Oh, and, what was the connection between Iraq and September 11, again? I seem to have missed that bulletin. I feel very conspiracy-theorist saying this, but I would not put it above G Dub the Shrub to have orchestrated the entire capture. I find myself having no faith in the government, the media, any of it. Le sigh.

That reminds me… how am I supposed to do taxes this year, being a North Carolina resident (*shudder*) attending school and working in a different state? I hate IRS research.

Update: I meant to add that I found clagnut’s typography piece particularly interesting from a nerdy, website-lovin’ perspective. Definitely some things to try there. For a bit of background information, try Nadav Savio’s Web Typography Tutorial. It’s less of a tutorial than an informative article, and very eye-opening. I’m sure there are more, but I researched this at least months ago, maybe even a year ago, and even I don’t keep browser windows open that long.

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  • Dess


    Your politics are much like mine, except for the ambivalence part.
    I too feel like there’s not enough connection between Sept. 11 and the Iraqi war. ::mutter::