Violins, pretty voices, and nice beats

Last night, I watched the first couple of hours of Mohabbatein, a Hindi love story, and oh-my-damn I must acquire that soundtrack. The movie is very… Grease-esque (actually, that’s a bit harsh), with lots of sappiness and singing and dancing and macho-tough-looking guys and beautiful girls whose personalities match perfectly the guys that want them, but it really is rather… sweet. Besides, I’m a complete sucker for some violin, and Shahrukh Kahn’s character was putting a killing on it. Based on a simple Google/Amazon search, though, that soundtrack is going to be ridiculously hard to find. A., the chick who brought the movie over for us to watch, suggested going to an Indian music store in Indianapolis or Chicago. I’ll be dragging her along if I go, that’s for certain–I’m not even sure I know how to correctly pronounce the name of the movie, and walking into a store and saying, “I’m looking for the soundtrack to this,” while holding up a slip of paper with the title of the movie on it just sounds silly.

[Listening to “Holding Back the Years” [Randy Crawford / Naked and True]]