Oh, how the Thorn gets my blood (sugar) rising!

The Thorn is bad for my health.

We finished up the paper just before 04:00 this morning and Luke, Bob, and I went our separate ways. I then had the pleasure of standing outside for ten minutes in twenty-degree weather (with no jacket; grr) waiting for the security officer to mosey on towards my residence hall on his rounds, because there was no monitor in the lobby and they lock the doors at 02:00.

A meatsicle, I ran upstairs, disrobed, and climbed into bed. No such luck on just going to sleep, though. I was so cold, and shaking so hard, it was about 05:30 before I finally dozed off, I think. This is, of course, when my wicked reaction to sugar became noticeable.

I normally keep a pretty restrictive diet in terms of sugar–desserts tend to be applesauce, and I eat hard candies sometimes. That’s about it on the simple sugar side. On Thursday nights, though, I usually drink my fill of whatever sweet, non-carbonated beverages are present in the Thorn office. Last night, however, I forgot that it had been a month since we’d printed an issue, and I’m sick as a dog today. I recognize my symptoms as light versions of what my father went through when his blood sugar skyrocketed a few years ago (his blood sugar level were beyond lethal; the numbers were around 1300 mg/dL, according to the nurse)–ridiculous bladder activity, blurred vision, a headache that could knock out a mule, and fatigue beyond what a normal three-hour morning’s sleep should induce. I feel like shit. I’m just not sure how to fix it, immediately–bleach my diet of sugars until I feel better, or just stay with a normal balance, and hope things even out quickly? I can’t even just sleep it off, as I’ve got to write the newspaper’s style guide this afternoon, so Bluke (the eds. in chief) have time to revise this weekend, check up on my sexy beast of a vehicle for my trip tomorrow, and knock out as much homework as is humanly possible. The best I can do is make sure I’m in bed by 21:00 or 22:00, since Bridget and I are departing around 06:15 tomorrow morning, and I’m driving.

And my work on the Thorn last night sucked–the first week as News Editor, I bombed. Bad layout, bad story ideas, lack of enthusiasm. Le sigh. I shall do better next week. Maybe doing the style guide will (re)invigorate me.


  • Rackrent

    Good luck Lissa! Hope you feel better (you might want to make a run to the student health to check it out)[:)] It’s just your first week as editor, don’t be too hard on yourself. [;)]

  • Michael

    i know you’ll do well

    i never know whether i shud say that to the likes of you, jenny, mia, it is not meant to say, you have always done well u will always do well, u better always do well. i’m sorry u don’t feel well. i miss u i want to come c rose (and mit for that matter) and i hope to c u this summer at the latest if i’m not mistaken, i have only like 6 more weeks!!!

    yur the woman