Quick update, since I’m busy studying.

I’ve changed servers (again, I know). This means, however, that RSS feeds have changes, links have changed, etc. The new location of ANH is https://irrsinn.net/ethoughts/. The new RSS feed is https://irrsinn.net/ethoughts/rss.xml.

Why the change? I changed my hosting plan to a higher one, which meant another move to another server. Why Brinkster can’t streamline this, I don’t know. But I’m happier nonetheless. And my site is sexier with a new facelift, methinks.


  • Lissa


    Between the loss of the subdomain and the week-long propogation of the nameserver change (there should be a geek show titled “When 48 Hours Turns into 96” to show the stress of webmasters worldwide), things should have been up and down for quite a while. Sorry. [|)]