And so my "break" begins…

Everyone high-tailed it out of here Friday night, and by Saturday afternoon, it was just me and one other girl, who I think is here because of softball.

Last night, after returning from taking Bridget to the airport, I went to hang out with “Nikolai”, who I promised I would hang around over break. He just needs someone to prattle to while his two favorite girls are gone. And I can nod and say “uh-huh” every now and then for the opportunity to play some good ol’ mindless video games. So I whooped ass (yeah, right) at Soul Caliber while he talked about… well, hell if I remember. Somehow, however, whenever I mentioned I was going grocery shopping today, he managed to get an affirmative answer to him tagging along. So I have been with Nikolai from 09:30 until now (he’s lying on my floor). I need a shower, a back massage (hours of the tension of playing video games? I should know better than this…), a good laugh, to cruise at high speeds in my sexy car with the windows down and music blaring, and an actual conversation, rather than the running monologue I listened to all day.

Tomorrow I must workout, preferably for a couple of hours, then hide in the Thorn office to actually relax, even if I end up spending all day reading on the Thorn couch. I cannot take more than two days of this without doing something bad, like being bitchy to Nikolai, and he doesn’t really deserve that. Excessive clinginess irks me. At least on Monday I’ll be doing lab work all day with Dr. M, and on Wednesday I’ll be museum-hopping in Indy. Mae made me promise to stay the night if we end up taking long enough that I would have to drive after dark; I think I scared her a bit when I was joking about my after-dark driving. My normally shitty distance-judging ability goes to zero as soon as drivers turn on headlights, and pulling out of parking lots or changing lanes can get a bit dicey.

Time to hint at me going to bed to get Nikolai to leave. That may not work, since I know he slept on his other female friends’ floor for the entirety of Winter Term before they finally got him out. There will be none of that this week. The point of staying here is to get some damn alone time.

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