All about the Guide

The Thorn has a sex book.

Guide to Getting It On (Fourth Ed.) was sent to the office (with Luke’s name all over it) by the publisher for us to review. It’s an eight hundred page tome, complete with illustrations, punny chapter names, and a ridiculous amount of humor, intentional and otherwise.

Just this week, I have probably gone through a good third of it (at least). My stomach muscles are killing me from laughing so hard. The book is completely informal, using slang all over the place, yet is not the slightest bit crude or crass. It includes complete and scientific anatomical descriptions, and the ideas presented in the book seem to be truthful. I may not know much myself, but I have no problem asking questions (much to the embarassment of Bob and Luke, I’m sure). The book is highly educational, however, and it’s easy to tear through two or three hundred pages in a sitting–if you can stop laughing long enough to be able to see the words, that is.

This book has, quite simply, made my week. What could have been the week of hell (I’m up to about ten to twelve ibuprofen a day for my headaches now, my vision is fluctuating, and I may be compelled to stab Theodore in the eye soon) has been a week of much giggling, which is really quite refreshing.

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  • George

    The Guide …

    … is on Goofy Foot Press.


    I ran across their site last week after randomly (I swear) throwing “goofy” in a search engine, and was amused to hear that they’re updating the site in honor of the book’s new edition.