And here I thought the rain was over

I didn’t think I could still cry over an exam.

I just failed another exam in chemistry. I failed my first one, got a low A on the second one, and just finished bombing the third one (worse than the first) fifteen minutes ago. I got back to my room, packed for my trip to Indy this evening, and was on my way back to the Thorn office when Mae saw me and asked what was up. I then proceeded to break down and cry like a big fucking baby in the middle of the hallway, complete with sobs and blubbering. I cleaned up a bit, made it down to the Thorn office, and now I’m doing it again.

I am so obviously not on the ball. Anything not academic will have to take a third- or fourth-row burner (I guess I have a big stove, huh?) until I’m certain I can get at least a B in both chemistry and database systems. I am not going to get my first damn C ever in fucking intro/general courses.


  • rackrent

    it’s OK to cry, don’t be ashamed. You’ll do well on the final to pull those grades up, don’t give up[;)] have a wonderful weekend!

  • Hannah

    I got my first C ever in an intro course, last semester. Fortunately our grades first semester become pass/no record. Damn multivariable calculus.