A quickie before my final.

“Revolution X” (Update: link removed, as the Intervet version of the poem is not accurate; see my follow-up), a poem by a New Mexico student, is raising hell. For refusing to destroy the poem, censor other students’ poetry, and destroy various art posters, teachers at her high school are being suspended and fired.

The problem with the article, of course, is that the writer is a friend of one of the teachers involved, but the poem itself is ridiculously interesting and a good read, and if even half the things the editorial writer says are happening actually are, things are getting even nastier in this nation than I thought.

Links courtesy of Dru Blood.

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  • rackrent

    Oh that stupid principal, he really makes me mad! A book that really makes me (even more) cynical of the government, etc. is A people’s history of the United States, if you’re interested, you can check it out.