Those animalistic urges–Grr, baby.

I have a taste for meat. Yup, vegetarian-for-four-years-and-counting Lissa wants to chomp on some animal-flesh.

I don’t know what it is–the fact that I realized that a good bit of the weight I lost was muscle (not that I didn’t have plenty to spare, but the idea of that much muscle loss just hurts), the fact that I’ve (as a result) started measuring the amount of protein in my diet and am coming up very short of what I need to simply maintain muscle mass with the kinds of activites I do, or the fact that it’s been a while since I’ve even tried meat–but I have developed a hankering for meat. Chicken, in particular, as in chicken strips or a sandwich.

I’m not seriously concerned about ruining my “status” as a vegetarian or anything; I think there’s something to be said for the fact that I’ve stuck with it for four years (the only things I’ve done consistently for longer would be attending school and computer geekery; well, that and fight with my father), but it’s not really a defining thing for me. I’m more worried about the possible GI distress, quite frankly.

It could just be a passing fancy, though. I think I’ll wait it out for another week or two, and if it lingers, I’ll get Nikolai to cook me up something, since I’ll be back in the Haute.


  • Jenn

    Have you heard of people who are “flexitarian”? They are vegetarians who eat limited amounts of meat but still consider themselves vegetarians…

  • Lissa

    Funny you should mention that…

    I was just reading about that today, shortly after I posted this. It’s an interesting idea, and one I’m not opposed to.