Well, now what do I do with it?

So I’m sitting on this GMail account (common nickname dot last name at gmail.com), and damn if I know what to do with it. I mean, I’ve got two nice-sized IMAP accounts. I’ve got up to four hundred 50 MB POP3 accounts at irrsinn dot net. I’ve got webmail access at all of the above. And now I have GMail.

I don’t need another secret/personal account that I carefully distribute to keep away the spammers. See above about those four hundred POP3 accounts at this here domain. I have, and can make, sufficient e-mail addresses related to this site. I have junk mail accounts. I have accounts that only receive newsletters and mailing lists. I have accounts that I use when I’m registering things, and accounts I use(d) when doing college/testing/financial aid sign-ups.

Why yes, I do prefer to use different accounts rather than a bunch of “folders” in a single account. How could you tell?

While I am interested in how Google has set this system up and where it will go in the future, I just can’t think of a use for me to have the account, since I like the clear divisions in my accounts.

Maybe I’ll go and sign up for mad amounts of p0rn using the address to see how the targeted ad system responds.

One Comment

  • Luke


    Why would you want to filter out the pr0n?

    Hehe…kidding…e-mail porn is annoying.

    I’m using mine as a searchable back up system. All of my Thorn mail gets read, archived and then sent to GMail if it needs to be saved. That way I have the ability to easily search through the contents of my e-mail. Archiving is what I plan to use it for.