On Life and Love

Interesting linkage–some old, some new

  • “Unfairenheit 9/11” – A review of Michael Moore’s latest. (link courtesy of Mark)
  • Max Thrane’s “Why I hate Gmail” – An interesting complaint (with hilarious examples) on the hype that has sucked up bloggers regarding Gmail. (On a geeky note, that is a very sexy color scheme/layout on that site…)
  • “UPN, blackspoitation of the 21th (sic) century” – Written by a Rose student (should this be advertised?), this is commentary on (as the title suggests) UPN’s choice of programming, complete with a proposed, ah, “solution”. The first half of the post has a good point, anyway. The second half is a little over the top.
  • “Donor Eggs and Stupid Names and Anal Temperatures, Oh My!” – Hilarious for the stupid names portion, in the second and third paragraphs. Actually, the whole thing is interesting and intelligent (as is the rest of the site, for that matter).
  • “Chappelle lets rude crowd have it” – Damn. Some folks are rude. It must be some kind of tiring to be in Chappelle’s spot–everywhere you go, someone is quoting your worst one-liners, as though you’ve said nothing intelligent or that was actually commentary. Now, I haven’t watched enough of Chappelle’s show to know if he makes intelligent commentary (I’m a George Carlin girl, myself), but I think I can understand Chappelle’s frustration with the “rude crowd”. (link courtesy of Sexy Short Stuff, also known as Steve)
  • Anybody need a reading list? (This is the good one, not the “Reader’s” list.) Where to find some of those books, if your local university library is so crummy as to only have technical books? Project Gutenberg, of course. Or at least, I found James Joyce there.