Very few, if any, updates for a minute

So I’m the Haute, living it up in this hellacious house with Jenn (I am so scrapping together the money to rent this house my junior year). Life is good. I have ready transportation, I have a nice job, the ability to workout on campus most days, and I can chill with moderately cool people during the day.

I do not, however, have Internet access except for when I’m on campus. I can check e-mail during the lulls at work, but I really spend lulls working on the Java conversion of the UV/VIS data analyzer app. And reading sex tips in the latest Cosmo, courtesy of Jenn. But thus far I’ve been working rather consistently, because there’s a fair amount to do.

The lack of Internet at the house, however, means that there will be very few, if any, updates on this here site until there’s a serious lull at work or until I spend all night here doing a photobleaching experiment.

But I’m alive and kicking and thinking and active and having fun.


  • Dulin

    Glad no terrorists tried to blow you up… or engine failures… or drunk pilots… and that the wings didn’t mysteriouly, fall off… yeah…

  • Luke

    Moderately cool?

    Are you trying to get yourself hurt? I think one of us needs to remember who works far less than the other and thus has time and resourses to think of bad things to do to the other…

    In any case…I have internet at home…haha!

  • Lissa

    Airplanes and moderately cool folk

    Dulin, I’m blaming the success of my flights to the fact that, since you *just* became a Rocket Scientist in major, you haven’t been allowed to design those nuts on airplane wings yet. [8)]

    Luke, there’s nothing wrong with being only moderately cool. Some folks just don’t have that knack. [|D]