Duo-who? And there goes my weekend

So Jenn, the silly woman who doesn’t understand the depth of my music addiction, gets wind that I like music with a Middle Eastern flare. So she says, “Well, I’ve got a CD you’d like,” and goes on to tell me the band is French/Turkish and plays an interesting instrument I’ve never heard of [by name] in my life. And then she slips me the CD, and my weekend is gone.

The band is Duoud. Here is the first minute (which ends rather abruptly–I couldn’t set the duration of the fade out in Audacity, so I didn’t use one) of the seventh ninth track off their CD Wild Serenade, “Berlin Paris”. Sheer awesomeness.

And what did this music provide the soundtrack to this weekend? I modified Shawn Scott’s ESR Backup to work for my purposes–namely, I need all backups to work on a weekday-only basis, since I don’t have Internet on weekends. It was a simple matter for even me (a non-Perl girl) to find the three lines I wanted to change to force full backups and rotations to occur on Fridays instead on Sundays. Or at least, I hope it does.

I’ve also chomped through a good bit of Wolfram and Schilling-Estes’s book, and find that my curiosity on the development of dialects in America is so quenched I wonder if it ever existed. Of course, I have the bad habit of not wanting to read about US-specific history in general–give me a world-view, or something close to it, please. Despite the fact that I’m primarily skimming the book at this point since the chapters on gender differences, register shifts, etc. aren’t telling me anything new or particularly interesting, it’s still a pretty good book.

I even did a bit of Linux Geekery. My goal yesterday was to make Enlightenment as Ratpoison-like as possible while keeping the benefits of Enlightenment–more than ten screens/apps, no forced fullscreen behavior unless I want it, and the beautiful Enlightmentment method of multi-screen navigation, which makes me think of simply turning a page in a notebook. Now I just need to find a decent theme that will fade into the background while being useful…