One, two, skip a few, 99, 100…

This morning’s run was awesome.

First mile down in 10:50, which is entirely too fast for my liking. I want 12:00 min/mi until I can run for 45 minutes non-stop.

In the middle of my 0.50 mi recovery walk (weak stomach and asthma flare-up, another sign of too fast a pace), my music player died. When I picked up again for the second interval, I was able to go slowly enough that the limiting factor was upper body posture, rather than lungs or stomach. And when I stopped after a mile to cool down, I wasn’t even tired. I’m confident that I could have gone on for another half mile.

So tomorrow, no music. Just me, my breathing, my footfalls, and the birds/geese. The music makes me move too fast to keep my pace where I need it to be, so it goes.