Three-mile Thursday…

…was awesome. I didn’t do it in one shot (I walked a quarter-mile in the middle), but I had the energy to hoof the last half-mile of the run and I felt wonderful.

My pace was a slow 12:55, but this isn’t significantly slower than my previous three-miler, despite my bit of walking. This leads me to the idea that if I wish to do an hour run, I may want to drop in two walking bits to divide the hour into thirds to give my lungs a break.

I experimented a bit with arm-swing techniques during my last lap, and discovered what I think is a good, comfortable amount of swing. Whether it will be sustainable over the course of a couple miles remains to be seen.

I did three sets of ten-second planks (which I read about here) during my cool down stretching that felt very, very nice, despite the fact that I’m not much of one for stomach exercises. Strength is good, however.