Freaky Friday

I had a little speedy fun this morning. I wanted to run at damn near the fastest pace I could hold for an entire mile without having serious [asthma-esque] breathing problems. I did the first mile in 12:10, decided it wasn’t hard enough during my quarter-mile walk, and did my second in 10:52, which was hard enough to be a little scary to an un-diagnosed, un-inhalered, un-cell-phoned exercise-induced asthmatic.

But it was fun anyway. I know slowed down a little in the last half of the second mile, and particularly the last lap, since at a half-mile my chronograph read 5:01. So I did hold a ten minute mile for half a mile. This is nice; my lungs needed a different type of workout.

I did four sets of 10-second planks this morning. Lovely, lovely. I love the feeling of tired stomach muscles.