I stand corrected: yum.

The cheese had the tang of cheddar and only a hint of fermented-ness. The bread was soft and yummy and only slightly sour (because the starter had only been sitting for three days). Cheese fondue was a success and my initial impression has been changed drastically.

Then there was the chocolate. And the bananas. Oh…

I’m something of a [closet] sensualist, and the difference in types of sweetness, temperature (the bananas were chilled), and texture, along with the sheer pleasure of mixing the sharper sweetness of bananas with smoothness of milky dark chocolate is enough to keep me fascinated and interested in eating far past any “full” signals my body wants to send. My taste buds and brain aren’t done, although my stomach is.

I think I managed to refrain from humming, since no one called me out on it.

After the beautiful fondue, I went home, changed into running clothes, and proceeded to get annoyed enough at the click-clunk of my alarm clock buttons that I didn’t stick around long enough to actually turn my alarm clock on. I think the pot banging (to get cheese off the spoon) and the dropping of something metallic onto the floor (I don’t even remember what it was) during fondue may have had a hand in putting me on edge. Either way, there was no run this morning, and I woke on my own at 06:20 thinking, “Damn it’s light outside…”

So I’ll be trying an evening run today, I think.