Not so bad…

Today was surprisingly nice. I had a rough night last night, but I came in to work early, got work started and done, and had a little fun in the process. Like lunch by scum pond with Luke. (Ah, sunlight. That thing I only see when I’m going home and when I go to bed…) Or a ridiculously fun ride on a pallet through the academic buildings with Luke and Dr. 7.

Or the fondue the lab girls have planned. Jenn and I did cheese fondue this past Saturday, and I have to admit I was disappointed. I just don’t like the taste of fermented things (like wine), and it was in abundance in the cheese used. Then there was the fact that standard cheese fondue apparently uses Swiss cheese. Ew. A single slice on the occasional sub sandwich is fine, but eating it practically straight is a no-no.

But tonight, I think an orange cheese may be on the menu (although, unfortunately, fermented stuff will be added), and we’re also doing chocolate with a variety of fruits. I may just eat some bread and have dessert. Mae made a sourdough loaf for our consumption (which, alas, I’m not such a fan of sourdough, either) that Jenn has said tasted or smelled delicious. I’m not sure if she got to taste-test.

But the company shall be fun and is much needed. As is the forty-minute run I may attempt tomorrow morning.