Your attention, please.

…because some things need to be set straight.

I write for me.

I’ll even say it again, in a different way: This blog, its posts, and this entire site are written for me.

Yes, I do make inside jokes that particular groups of friends will appreciate. Yes, I do write in a style that indicates feedback is acceptable and awesome. I enjoy getting feedback, and I don’t mind having conversation about things I post, because I enjoy evoking laughter and thought. I even avoid writing certain things when I’m fairly sure that friends would be offended by them.

But I write for me. I write in a style that reflects the tenuous conclusions of my thoughts, and I write so that I may better examine and explore them.

Sometimes folks forget that, in writing for me, I write so that I know what the hell I’m talking about.

Sometimes I leave out steps in my thinking. I may not need them explicitly stated.

Sometimes people want to draw conclusions based on what they think those steps imply.

Sometimes these conclusions upset said people, and they want to take offense.

As is generally the case with me, if you start shit in a public forum, particularly on my site, on my domain, I will do my best to leave you bruised and battered.

E-mail will get you a slightly more civil response.

A phone call or in person will get you the firm, yet friendly, Lissa that we all know and love. Hell, if you’ve lost my phone number or don’t have it because you don’t know me that well, e-mail me and I’ll hook you up.

I’m not going to pull any arrogant bullshit about how it’s a priviledge for other people to get to read the shit I spout. None of that. But I write for me.

Folks who take offense at my thoughts, who want to jump to conclusions, who want to pout over things I say would do well to remember that. If you choose to read my shit, fine. If you choose to comment on my shit, fine. If you choose to leave a comment asking me to further explain my logic, fine. If you choose not to like it and mosey yourself on elsewhere, that’s fine, too.

But if you’re going to leave feedback and enter my haven, remember whose doorstep you’re standing on when you start knocking. Basic respect for my space, please.


  • Hannah

    I left you an apology on the post I commented on. Please read it, and understand that while I may have misinterpreted what you wrote, I think there was also some misinterpretation (although this time my fault for writing badly) about what I wrote, too. Thank you.

  • Lissa

    This post actually wasn’t just about you, although, admittedly, it was your comment that sparked it. People have done what you did several times in the past (to much further extent, of course)–taken what I wrote for me, put their own spin on it, and attempted to heckle me about it. Yours was just the one that made me rethink why I blog and maintain a website–for others’ entertainment, or for me?

    I’m not pissed, or angry, or at all upset. Nor do I think you shat on my doormat. Others have, however, and I felt the need for some boundaries to be set.

    I’ve always felt that enabling on-site comments is just asking for abuse–people don’t think twice before posting a comment, while e-mails tend to be much more contemplative, or at least less impulsive. However, many people don’t want to go through the trouble of firing up their local e-mail reader and sending an e-mail just to say, “That was a cool post.” And I don’t mind that impulsive feedback, but it’s a little more stressful to keep on it–are people going to usurp identities (again) to piss me off? Will people make mountains out of mole hills? Will they misinterpret what I write, or will I misinterpret their hastily-typed comment? Shit happens, in other words.

    I just wanted to remind folks (in general) that this here is my space, just as much as my dorm room/apartment is my space, and a similar respect should be accorded.

  • Bob

    Yeah, that was definitely impressive. I am going to have to visit here more often, she posts more than you Luke. Plus she has become my idol for the day.