Growl, growl.

How the hell is Aramark (who provides food on-campus) not going to send an e-mail out telling folks the cafeteria was going to be closed for a patio dinner?

I don’t want their nasty-ass red meat or critter-infested melon and corn, and Mae’s vegan by necessity. I suspect I won’t even be able to get a meal exchange later, since they weren’t scanning ID cards at the patio dinner.

Some notification would have been fucking awesome since I’d actually planned on eating something other than Hillary’s cheap iced oatmeal cookies this evening…


  • Bob

    Yeah, it is nice having our own cook. Granted our meals can be repetitive too, but I dont have nearly the hassle with her as I did ARA. Also, I get to request what I want to eat 🙂

  • Lissa

    Pbfbpt on frat houses…


    (I had wondered how frat houses managed to feed everyone reasonably…)