Lack of food and sleep do not a good run make

I only made it about 46 minutes this morning before my body simply quit on me: light-headedness, light headache, feet not wanting to leave the ground, aching neck, shoulders, and arms.

The problem with Sunday and Monday morning runs is that [more than likely] I won’t have eaten since lunch the previous day, since the cafeteria on campus is closed. This makes sustaining energy a little difficult.

Combine this with a strong desire to simply sleep for one morning without an alarm, and this can make runs into interesting exercises in willpower.

Morning runs are still best, though. Most of the bugs are still sleeping (or whatever bugs do when they aren’t terrorizing people), few people are out, and traffic on the road I cross isn’t bad.

I survived the run, however, and didn’t even have any trouble remaining upright in the shower afterwards. My right hamstring still twinges a little, but my legs are just about healed as well.