• Bob

    So the question I ask then, is with the online grocery shopping do they deliver it you, and what kind of a fee is there for that? I for one do not like trusting people I dont know to buy my groceries. I prefer going myself, it is even fun sometimes [:)]

  • Lissa

    Yeah, they Fed-Ex the groceries to you. I didn’t get anything perishable, of course, so I don’t know how they handle that.

    They have a step-function shipping fee: if your bill is between $0 and $25 you pay $6 to ship; if it’s between $25 and $50, you pay $10; etc. That’s nice, because I can order a huge thing of something like laundry detergent, and not get hit with a weight-related shipping cost.

    I usually like to go shopping myself, too, but it’s just too inconvenient/costly to either find someone to go with when I keep such a busy schedule, or to pay out my ass in gas or a meal for someone to go out of their way to take me. I’ll reserve that inconvenience for airport runs or emergencies.

    NetGrocer had pictures and brand-names and unit costs, so it wasn’t so bad… And seeing the running total kept me from buying more than I absolutely needed.