It’s about damn time

Physical Activity Better Predictor of Heart Disease Risk Than Obesity Is“. I’m very much of the opinion that it’s good for these things to become more popular knowledge. It might kill some of the prejudice hanging around that weight is the only (or most important) indicator of health, that skinny people won’t have heart attacks, etc.

One thing that’s interesting is that the study uses self-reported values of activity, meaning that, more than likely, those are somewhat inflated. The correlation still exists, of course, but we all know people tend not to want to be seen as completely sedentary in our “health-conscious” (for all that gets us) society…

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  • rackrent

    yes, yes, my grandpa is skinny as a stick but he has hypertension and at high risks for heart attack. So that means it’s possible I shall have heart problems in the future too. Yup, that running shall start soon, once my allergic reaction to neosporin and the incessant rain go away[;)]