Musical accompaniment

I’ve been in a strange mood to dance this evening. I think I completely surprised Nikolai by walking into the study room he has usurped and starting to dance to whatever oldie-but-goodie he was playing.

It’s Friday, baby, and no matter that I’m studying late tonight and am in lab all day tomorrow, it’s Friday.

  1. Legend – Bob Marley and the Wailers. Could you be loved? Don’t let them fool ya.
  2. Hell, Bob Marley gets two mentions. Cuz I don’t wanna wait in vain for […] love. Although the waiting feel is fine.
  3. Naked and True – Randy Crawford. That king’s horses and his men are so damned incompetent.
  4. Everyone Else is Doing It… So Why Can’t We? – The Cranberries. Take whatever you need to take. Leave the rest for my own sake.
  5. Dysfunction – Staind. I don’t look like you. Or do the things you do. But I’m fucked up, too. Breathe.
  6. Follow the Leader – Korn. Sometimes it’s mylife I can’t taste. Sometimes I cannot feel my face. You’ll never see me fall from grace. (Bru-ha-ha…)
  7. Load – Metallica.
  8. Reload – Metallica. All children touch the sun and burn fingers one by one. Will they remain clean or become stained through?
  9. S & M – Metallica.
  10. Load – Metallica. The higher you are, the farther you fall, the longer the walk, the farther you crawl. My body, my temple…