Good times studying

While I do get along and like my roommate, living with a roomie is a rather restrictive setup. Not bad, but restrictive. For instance, I can’t blare the same 12 Metallica songs on repeat all night while dancing, singing, and studying DISCO in my room under most circumstances. That would just be rude as hell. But no one is going to complain about the loud music in the Union at 01:00, because no one’s here.

Nothing wrong with making DISCO fun, since I’m relying on an “ah-ha” at this point to get me through the test successfully.


  • Bob

    I dont know, there are definitely perks to having your own room, but I sometimes miss having a roommate. My last roommate and I got along well, but then he graduated. I do have to admit though, I live the way I want, and I dont have to worry about stepping on the toes of others. That makes a single very nice.

  • Lissa

    I like having a roomie, too…

    … particularly because when we’re both in the right mood, we have so much fun joking around.

    But living [even partially] on someone else’s schedule can be occassionally restrictive–hence the fact that I seem to have *again* moved into the Thorn office… [:(]