I am unbelievably livid right now.

I spent a couple hours earlier today moving Mae out of her room in my residence hall to another room across campus. I don’t feel comfortable spilling all the details of roommate nightmare Mae has been going through this past three weeks, but suffice it to say that I was already glad I didn’t run into her former roommate.

I refrained from sending criticism when the decision was made to displace Mae because I couldn’t find a way to word it such that I would come across more hard-hitting than “bitching, complaining, subjective friend.”

This, however, is her roommate’s response to Mae’s departure.

In fact, let me quote:

Congratulations: To Myself.

Yes, yes– I’ve successfully driven my roommate to insanity within three weeks of college. She moved out today, actually. Unfortunately, SHE LEFT THE SHITTY DECK for me to deal with until fall break. um. No. This supposed “deal” is definitely not going to work out.

It’s difficult avoiding the temptation to simply burn the monstrosity down.

I got halfway down the stairs to her room before Andrea and Nikolai stopped me, and let me rant at them rather than going down and paying the woman a visit.

After I’d mostly stopped shaking, I called Mae and pointed her to the post. She called her mother. There goes another block of Mae’s study time with more stressful shit.

I am completely displeased with the way our administration has handled this situation. They’ve tip-toed around this situation for fear of loud response and have Mae feeling that she’s in the wrong for this situation even developing.

So I let them know.

One nice long e-mail, with quotes, links, and a goddamn screenshot to my RA, the Director of Residence Life, and the A. Dean of Student Affairs, all of whom handled the situation the first time around. I also included the Dean of Students, who I don’t think was previously involved, but I him met personally last week on behalf of newspaper work. I made it known that I will go to whatever level of the administration needs to be contacted to have this situation handled in a satisfactory manner.

I hate clusterfuckery.

Update: Someone else is displeased.

Update again: Just when I thought I was done being really pissed. That is a former suitemate of Mae’s, someone who’d pretended to be a friend. I honestly can’t believe I’m finding this. It’s like high school, all over again.

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  • Justin Hutchings

    I, too am pissed about this… how could someone do this to Mae? She’s the sweetest person at this school… *sigh* I’m hoping truly that this crap won’t be washed over like everything else here.