It’s amazing how things can develop…

… in such a manner that I no longer feel safe sleeping in my own room.

Last night, the former roommate and suitemate paced the halls, walking past my room at least twice. At that point, I was just glad I stayed in my chair and committed no irrational acts.

This morning, Mae, Mae’s father, Mae’s sister, and myself found Mae’s deck to be vandalized. Attempts had been made to kick the supports out, and Tookie, whose nickname I have absolutely no problem posting all over the Internet at this point, spray-painted burned into the wood a lovely message about Mae on the deck. Vandalism.

The former roommate also seems to have moved out last night/early this morning at some point. We aren’t sure if Tookie or the suitemate are on campus.

Tookie’s involvement makes this less of a “spat” than an alignment of people against Mae, and, increasingly [apparently], towards me. We have no idea who all is involved, but the vandalism of the deck combined with the pacing outside my room has me concerned. If Tookie is involved, there is no telling what other entities (who I had previously thought friendly) are harboring resentment and may act on it.

I have moved out of my room until this situation is resolved to my satisfaction.

For all this shit, I may as well have gone to UNC with all the International Baccalaureate people. “Moolissa” is much preferred to not wanting to sleep in my own bed.


  • Bob

    I can not say I am surprised that something like that can happen here, I am just disappointed it does. The one thing I have to say on this is that not all roommates work out, and the ones who do not and act in this manner are not worth your time. Just try to cut them loose with minimal loss, because they always seem to go the extreme.

  • Adam

    I agree with Bob. It would have been okay just to say, “Yeah, we really don’t work as roomates. Let’s part and go our separate ways.” Once people started to made personal attacks (and it seemed these started to occur a weeks ago) then it digressed from how normal, well educated adults would handle a situation like this. The group responsible for the actions, likes to pride themselves in how awesomely smart all of them are, but I’m not seeing it right now.

  • Caitlin

    Dare I ask who “tookie” is? I got all confused with the roommates, former roommates, suitemates, etc to be able to pin down who you were talking about. And what’s this about an alignment towards you? So confused, even though I heard about everything as it was going down. Grr drama. Grr inconsiderate immature people. Just grr.

  • Lissa

    Caitlin, go home.

    For rizzle. If you are this confused (which I know you aren’t), then just go home, chica. [;)]

  • Justin

    Caitlin, if you wanna know who he (tookie) is, ask me (he’s in a class of mine). I’d rather not spread people’s full names on others’ blogs, though… (that’s why I have a disclaimer [:D])

  • Kara Willis

    “…I was just glad I stayed in my chair and committed no irrational acts.”
    “I wouldn’t mind at all acquiring your knife for my morning runs.”
    “..I will happily eat crow and drop a few dollars in someone’s medical fund to help the situation stabilize”

    Personally, I find these statements very hurtful and threatening.

  • Lissa

    Do you want explanation, or do you want to just to nitpick?

    I’ll explain anyway: An irrational act would have been saying anything other than “good morning” to you ladies when I was that pissed and upset. Be physically threatened if you want, but my main fear was saying something that would escalate the situation.

    Luke’s knife? Good for protection against anything Tookie, you, or Kat (when I thought you might retaliate) might do to me on a dark bike path in the wee hours of the morning.

    That last remark? Yeah, you can have that one. Harsh sarcasm intended.