Cures for the illness

The CD that has made my weekend of much studying and little sleep bearable? Ancestry in Progress, by Zap Mama. Took it a couple of plays to grow on me, despite the French, but now I’m addicted. Between that and Phoenix’ Alphabetical, I think I can hunker down for all the shit due this week.

I’m also carefully storing away the again-rising problems with my ideas about safety in friendship for a time when I can process it without detriment to my grades. Le sigh.

I feel like a programmer from a decade ago…

My precious, fun, sexy Control Unit takes fifteen damn minutes to compile into Verilog. One little change, then I’m stuck doing actual homework for a while.

If I were comfortable enough with Verilog (ha!), I’d be better off making the changes directly to the Verilog file, then running StateBench to test it.

If I can’t get through basic testing before midnight, tonight, I may be learning myself some Verilog so I can do just that.

It’s not the time that bothers me so much as the brain-switching from DISCO to Comp Arch to Probability to Comp Arch to… Yeah. Bleh.

Yay for Windows hackery.

Except it’s not really Windows hackery. Just frustration fueling some geekery.

After hunting for days to try to find a decent, free, Windows-running backup system that would RAR my files and upload them to my various webspaces, I finally just decided to write the damn scripts myself.

A download of Abakt–a small, clean, sexy program, even if it doesn’t support RAR–the writing of two small FTP scripts (one for dailies, one for full weeklies), four tasks in Windows Task Scheduler. I now have a complete backup system that rotates backups every week and does incremental backups every night.

Now to sleep, so I can work before I go into lab tomorrow.


Homework is piling up ridiculously, so I only did a 20-minute walk/run stint on the treadmill (ow, ow, my shins hurt) and 20 minutes on the elliptical tonight. Nothing remarkable other than the sad state of my shins at this point.