Bad idea du jour

Going for a run when tired or sleepy? Not so bad. It’ll wake you up.

Going for a run when exhausted and sleepy and near a breaking point? Not such a good idea.

I got almost a half-hour into my 05:00 run this morning (no sleep, très stressful day and night) before I realized that I’d almost dozed twice.

How in the hell do you doze while running at a good clip?

By a half-hour, I was basically stumbling along numbly, so I ran the Hill to get back to my dorm room, dizzy and cloudy-headed.

Not an invigorating run, except for the fact that I realized my shuffle was a pretty damn fast shuffle. I didn’t count laps, but I felt like I was moving quickly…

Actually, the run did serve to push back my “breaking point” a little, which was one of the main reasons for doing it.