More news re: Jordy

Jordy is going to be fine. The concussion was mild, and the surgery done on his leg today was to place pins in his hip, apparently. He should be out of the hospital in about four days.

I don’t have the full story on what happened, but I do know he was driving from work in Georgetown (a small town in Kentucky) to home (Paris) on one of the two-lane highways prevalent in the area one night when he was hit by a drunk driver. One of his lungs partially collapsed, there was the mild concussion, and his leg apparently got torn up by some metal.

There’s probably going to be a ridiculous amount of physical therapy, and he can’t be terribly comfortable right now, but he’s alive and young enough and generally healthy enough to recover well, I think. The hardest and most frustrating will probably be whatever physical therapy they put him through (if any; I could be wrong about the need for it). If I can get up to Maysville for Papaw’s birthday in a couple weeks, I will most likely drive the extra couple of hours to visit if they don’t come down for the party, too.