Some of these are up to a week old, so I don’t remember where they all came from. I just need to clean out some of the thirty [plus] tabs open in Firefox that I wanted to save from Bloglines, so they’re getting dumped here. Some come from George’s del.icio.us/allaboutgeorge, some from OSNews, some from Linux Journal, some from Google News, etc. In other words, they all derived from this here list of syndicated sites.

  • Secure Programmer: Prevent race conditions. Well, I thought it was interesting. Call it a geek factor.
  • Stem Cells Secrete Healing Chemicals. Again with the geek factor. Sue me.
  • Nanoparticles Enable Speedy E. coli Detection. What in tarnation are they using for this? The use of silica particles containing “fluorescent dye molecules” makes me wonder if they aren’t mixing shit and running it through a fluorometer, but I didn’t immediately find the article on the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences website and I’m too chemistry-ignorant to make a real educated guess. Along the way, I signed up for e-mail notification of new articles. I would completely understand if the options just moved from suing me to applying a blade to my throat.
  • It’s not Alcohol Awareness Week yet, but this gives one more health risk of drinking: the development of irregular heartbeat in men.
  • What am I reading this weekend? Jacob P. Silvia, my favorite Sexy Leprechaun, has written a novel. Or novella, maybe, in word count, but I suspect it has the heart of a novel. That’s particularly likely because Jacob (now pronounced “Yach-ob”) is Jewish. And Irish. And a computer science major. E-mail him if you want a copy. I think his e-mail address is on the LJ site somewhere…
  • I’m trying to go to a country music concert. How can I resist the “Save a horse, ride a cowboy” guys (headphones on, volume up before clicking)? My brother would be proud.
  • Muslims Condemn Terrorist Attacks. Not that I was silly enough to think that Muslim == terrorist, of course, but some of the readings are interesting. No, I’m not going to provide specific links. Randomly pick and read like I did.
  • A real “On this day”.
  • Libidoderm. I like this idea. Sex drives are “teh” overrated.
  • “I know how I see myself, and how I see other people. So I was much more interested in the man gazing upon the woman — to gauge his emotion, since I already know mine.” An interview with Catherine Breillat. Link definitely stolen from George.
  • The latest addition to my Wishlist. (Linkage courtesy of George, who knows of my Arabic-flavored music love.) Get a good listen here.

And now I resume my regularly scheduled resting and thinking. I have an arduous workout scheduled for tomorrow morning at 07:00, so sleep is a must if I am to kick this perpetual headache…