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I’m so afraid Firefox is going to crash, I’m going to clear it out now.

I finally found a good use for my gmail account–both ScienceDirect and EBSCOHost Research Database will perform automated searches periodically for you and dump the results in your inbox. Topics for research? Gender issues and self-control and certain types of genetics studies. Likewise, Google has alerts to dump news/web search results in your inbox so I can easily keep up with the latest proceedings in the Serbian Prime Minister assassination case. I like this.

Since I just got my absentee ballot in the mail today, this seems appropos:

It’s time everyone sat back and admitted this: it’s no longer about swing voters. It isn’t. There are no swing voters. It’s all over; after the debates, the supposed “undecideds” made up their minds– those that were hoping to fire Bush but needed reassurance regarding Kerry either found it or didn’t; those that wanted to elect Bush either found their reasons or they didn’t. But let’s not pretend: those that didn’t find what they wanted from the debates and the post-debate analysis are no longer “undecided”; on election day, they’re staying home. (Elf Sternberg, “Great Cthulhu, they’re sending Black Horse to Iraq“)

Alzheimer’s studies are making head-way or firing up a lot recently, it seems. There’s the shuffle-step forward with a blood pressure drug; I thought it was particularly interesting that “high blood pressure has been known as a risk factor for developing dementia”. And then there’s the upcoming study on the effects of immunoglobulins on Alzheimer’s. And the Alzheimer’s Disease Neuroimaging Initiative.

Hell, even autism is getting some play.

Hark the Herald [Nerd] Angels: there’s a Genome News Network, and they have an RSS feed.

Diabetes [in the elderly] ups the risk of vascular dementia. “Vascular dementia is a step-wise deterioration in intellectual powers that becomes apparent as different areas of the brain are damaged by a loss of blood supply.”

Microsoft cracks open the can o’ code that is Office.

Book recommendation du jour (from Javid to me): The Alphabet Versus the Goddess: The Conflict Between Word and Image.

Editted 10/19/2004, 23:03 to remove details about fun debates… Le sigh.