Savin’ the bacon.

Hypothecate again saves my bacon–I can now post audio blogs to this blog, if I am so inclined. Apparently, “Huffin’ and Puffin’ Along” is too long for Blogworks to handle.

Yay for ASP hackery.

In running news, I got in a five miler on Friday (for the first time in, what, three damn weeks)? My stomach still isn’t completely healed, but I went on an empty stomach and made it for an hour at about a 11:30 pace. W00t.

Unfortunately, my exuberance has cost me: my calves have seized up into big balls of muscle more clenched than a–

Well, nevermind. But they hurt, and one of these nights, if I can’t get them to chill out, they’re going to go into cramps/spasms and ruin my much-prized sleep.

In about 30 minutes, I’ll be heading off for another workout, most likely an elliptical/run/rowing machine mix, depending on how my stomach and shoulder behaves.

Update on the shoulder: a recent wrestling match with Luke had led me to figure out what’s going on with my shoulders. He has a tendency to grab my wrist and twist my entire arm while rotating my arm towards my back. Unfortunately, this is pulling/tearing something in my shoulders; the initial damage was done to both shoulders last spring during our first wrestling match, and more damage was done to my left shoulder just Friday night. Both shoulders pop and shift jerkily in the socket if pressure is applied to my elbows (by leaning on a table/desk, for instance), and now my left shoulder feels… tired, I guess, as a result of the recent pulling.

I suspect this is why I have so much trouble with my shoulders becoming tired and hurting when I run. I may attempt to get a referal to the sports physicians on campus to get their suggestions.